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Why and how create child theme in WordPress

Why and how create child theme in WordPress

Child Theme in WordPress

Many people scared about update of WordPress. If I update WordPress, then all setting will lost and compatible issue. You can manage easily from this problem, if you understand about update.

Do you know?
Regular update is most important for security and new feature.

Yes, you can check new feature and few bug fixes, when new update release.

You should aware:

  • Change Means – Live
  • No change meansDead

So, you should always update, but keep backup your WordPress and perform update. You can give AMC if you don’t have time. We take WordPress AMC at Rs. 200 pm onward only. Just contact us for more information.

Now, why and how create child theme in WordPress?


Why child theme in word press?

  1. Update Safely: There are more 95% wordpress website users are non-technical and don’t have idea about basic changes. Good theme release regular new version as per latest requirement or bug. Because when user update, all design and change set default. You can update safely parent theme, if you use child theme.
  2. Extend Easily:  WordPress is powerful and extendable. WP used by all type of website. It allows a flexibility without writing many code. So modify selective part of template files and functions as per requirement. You can add new functionality and much more.

How child theme in word press?

This is very simple step for create child theme

Step 1:

Go to file manager – You can go from your cpanel or ftp.

Step 2:

Navigate wp-content/themes

Step 3:

Create new folder under theme directory – you can keep any name i.e. child-theme

Step 4:

Create child theme style.css file. You have to add the one and only file that is required to create a valid child theme – style.css. Because of this, file will work as an addendum of sorts to your parent theme’s style.css file.

You must have to insert vital information inside of style.css, so open up your favorite text editor and paste the following into a blank file and upload under child theme

Theme Name: Child Theme
Theme URI: http: //
Description: This is a custom child theme I have created.
Author: My Name
Author URI: http: //
Template: NameOfParentTheme
Version: 0.1

Note: NameOfParentTheme means your original theme name.

Step 5: Activate your child theme. Go wp admin panel > Theme and activate.


In Conclusion, you should use child theme if you are changing too many style, else don’t use child theme. You can use parent theme and keep all changes code safely. So when new theme update, you can easily paste that code in parent theme. Its not take more than half an hour if you do regularly.

OR, you can also hire an expert on AMC and it cost you are Rs. 200/- per month. So all update and compatible issue will fixed by expert and focus on your core business.


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