Business Communication for NMIMS

Essentials of HRM for NMIMS
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1. ABC Ltd. is a well-known IT Company in India since 2002. Recently, the company has decided to revise the compensation structure for which it is important to conduct the job analysis exercise. As an HR Head of the company, it is your responsibility to conduct the same. Discuss the steps that you will follow in the process of job analysis?
2. ESSOS Ltd, an upcoming E Commerce startup, has just recruited a fresh batch of 100 employees at supervisory level to work at various warehouses in India. Company is planning an orientation program for all these fresh employees. As an HR Head, it is your responsibility to undertake this orientation program successfully. Discuss the possible problems that you may encounter while conducting the orientation program?
3. SYSTEMS Pvt. Ltd., a well-known education technology company in Mumbai is going through a phase of wider domestic expansion. Company has set up 20 new offices across India and employees in these new offices are about to undergo training exercises. You are an HR Head of the company who is responsible for doing this training. In this background, answer the following:
a. Which on-the-job training methods would you suggest?
b. Which off-the-job training methods would you suggest?


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