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Business Law for NMIMS
5 (1)

  1. Explain the difference between Contract of Guarantee and Contract of Indemnity and provide two (2) examples each of such contracts.
  2. Explain in details two (2) real-life cases where the Competition Commission of India has investigated and prohibited the abuse of dominant position by entities or individuals.
  3. Geeta had started tiffin services during the lockdown due to COVID-19 pandemic within her building premises by ensuring compliance of all regulations. Geeta used to deliver the tiffin only to the occupants in her society. However, post the unlocking of the lockdown she wanted to expand her business to other parts of city and therefore she needed an investor who would invest in the venture and a logistics partner who would ensure the delivery of tiffin. She finally found Mr. Bajaj as the investor and Mr. Kumar as the logistics partner.
    Now Geeta, Mr. Bajaj and Mr. Kumar wanted to incorporate this venture and register as a partnership firm and therefore have come to you for advise on the following queries:
    a. What: (i) law should the Partnership Firm be registered? Please give your reasons for the answer?; and (ii) type of partner shall Geeta, Mr. Bajaj and Mr. Kumar each be classified as?
    b. For incorporating the partnership firm that you have suggested in the above answer (a) what: (i) is the primary agreement that is needed; and (ii) are the contents of such agreement?
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