Business Communication for NMIMS

Business Communication for NMIMS
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Q1. Javed is a supervisor in one of the biggest automobile companies MATA Motors. He is an expert in diesel engine vehicles and has been working for 6 for over 16 years in the diesel vehicle department. While he is well liked by his subordinates and his managers, his appraisal for this semester does not talk very positive of him. The only weakness that has been proving to be undesirable is that his lack of business etiquette in writing. He needs to acquire skills in building stronger relationship by understanding his audience. The HR decides to send him for a communications training workshop. In light of this case, please elaborate on the point of ‘adapting to your audience’ (10 Marks)

Q2. Bandrej is a company into consumer products. Most of the managers and senior managers working for them have been with them for years but the new executives are fresh MBAs and most of them belong to a mobile generation. While there is a gap felt between the way these two generations communicate at work, creates a rift in the productivity. In light of this case, please list out a few pointers for making mobile communication effective. (10 Marks)

Q3. Mody Associates is a legal firm in a big city and handles a lot of celebrity cases. The two of their start lawyers, Divya Mody and Jahangir Mody are also directors and new age lawyers slowly taking over the operations. They work together very well even though have different styles of working and communications. However, there is only one aspect that both them have a difference of opinion and that is about using the right channel for messaging. Divya believes in mobile messaging but Jahangir prefers to communicate through emails. Both of them usually have a tiff trying to convince each other about their own points of view. Please answer following questions in light of this case.

a. Divya promotes advantages of messaging in one of the arguments and shares some great guildelines for making the use of messaging more effective. Please put up some points for making messaging effective. (5 Marks)
b. Jahangir promotes emails writing and he likes to share the ways to make emails more effective. Please share any 6 ideas to make email communication more effective.
(10 Marks)

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